It’s almost impossible to go through life without being confronted by astrology.  Like a typical Capricorn, I think astrology is a steaming pile of made-up crap.  But wait!  It turns out that now I might be a Sagittarius?  Because the Earth wobbles and astrology is fake, it turns out that nowadays we pass through 13, not 12 constellations.

Either way, I’m still crabby when I don’t get enough sleep, stubborn when I don’t get my way, and understanding when you have the same point of view that I do.

And one point of view that I happen to have is, and I’ll say it again, that astrology is dumb, but yet it seems like so many people give it power.  I don’t think that many people actually believe it, but I can’t stand it when I’m having an otherwise normal conversation and someone asks me what my sign is.  Why not just ask me when my birthday is?  Are you afraid I’ll go on an on about how cool 1/11/11 was?  Are you hoping to work in some clever joke if I happen to be a Virgo?  The Man of Action and I used to converse about astrology being a dealbreaker towards friendship, but sometimes it seems that there are so many times that it comes up, it eliminates too many potential contacts.

And have I successfully whittled down my readership even further with this post?

Here’s the one thing, though.  I’m glad I’m not a Ophiuchus, because I don’t know how to pronounce this new sign that we have.  But I’m bummed that I’m no longer a Capricorn, because I could spell that, and Battlestar Galactica made it kind of cool by  naming the home planet Caprica.


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  1. Posted by Man Of Action on January 14, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Not too long ago I found myself working with someone who was an astrology believer. Not just a casual fan, but someone who really took it seriously. Perhaps befitting an individual with a high technical facility, this particular flavor of astrology came by way of a circuitous explanation involving EM fields and solar radiation as the Earth passed around the Sun, but in the end was no more plausible or reasonable than Mayan doomsday calendars or Xenu or Leviticus. I learned of this early on in our professional relationship, and although at the time I knew it should have been a deal-breaker, I was anxious to move forward with the project and put my reservations aside.

    Often it’s possible to simply change the subject; with this person it was not so easy. Tales of projects executed successfully and otherwise came with explanations rooted in the horoscopic [?] makeup of the ventures’ participants. Discussions of strategy were peppered with anecdotes affirming or contradicting our plan based on celestial character traits declared as permanent and undeniable. I did my best to ignore all of this, but it seemed I was expected to take these accounts at face value.

    Eventually we parted ways, and while the stated reason was simply timing and logistics, deep down I knew that the astrology thing loomed large. That for all of our (yours and mine) joking about deal-breakers, there is a fundamental disconnect between those who believe the calendar is connected to character and those who recognize that the human brain’s ability to identify patterns also gets it into trouble; between those who buy it and those who don’t.

  2. Posted by Jennifer M. on January 14, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Had you been from Asia, you might be a Sagittarius. However, as a red-blooded American, you get to stay a Capricorn:

  3. I, too, know some people who are really into astrology. I don’t get it, but I was a little bummed that I’m apparently no longer a Libra. Now I’m a Virgo? What am I supposed to do with that? (Fortunately, I clicked on Jennifer M.’s comment and it turns out I can keep my Libra-ness! Yay.)

  4. Yeah, I don’t get it. I mean, I take issue with unfounded beliefs in general, but that one is just silly (which is saying a lot.)

    I’ve never even been aware of what a Capricorn is, aside from that I am one. Or was one. Whichever.

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