You take the good, you take the bad…

Good: Birmingham and I went on a fun date last night!

Bad: I couldn’t get him to leave my house until 10:00, which is one hour past bedtime.

Good: I suppose I can sleep in, I guess.

Bad: I have to sleep in because I still have to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and don’t have enough time to do that and make it to swimming.

Good: There’s not that much snow on the ground, so swim practice isn’t canceled!

Bad: I can’t make it in time, and I’m tired, anyway.

Good: OK, so I’m going to sleep in then.

Bad: WTF.  The cat peed on the bed.

note – there is no more good for a while while I strip all my sheets, blankets, and dump them in the bathtub and decide if I should throw away my foam mattress pad or attempt to clean it.  All is very, very bad now.

Good: I can still make the 7:26 train in time, as I run into the station at 7:24.

Bad: The trains are running on a Saturday schedule because of the snow.  The next train is the 7:40 but at least I got some running in?

Good: Really glad I didn’t mosey on over for my regular 8:00 train, because I would have had to have waited until 8:40.

Bad: Waiting in the cold for the train.

Good: I got a train with The Birmingham car!

Bad: The really overwhelmingly hot train conductor does not work this line on a Saturday Schedule.  Until next week, Kyle.

Good: Holy hell, Saturday schedule means I don’t have to change trains at Croton-Harmon because we go local until my stop!

Bad: Oh, nevermind.  This train decided to run express.  Transfer it is.

Good: But on this schedule the transfer train is on the same platform, so I don’t have to go up the stairs and across and down the stairs again.

Bad: I learned that it was on the same platform after I went up the stairs and down the stairs.

Good: I caught an earlier bus, so I didn’t have to wait that long.

Bad: Piles of snow & bus stop are trying to occupy the same space.

Good: SNOW BOOTS!  I can’t believe I thought that these calf-high waterproof numbers with the fuzzy lining might be a frivolous purchase.

Bad: Uh.  The office door is locked.  Are we closed?  Where is everyone at 9:25 in the morning?

Good: Was able to get in via the back door.  There’s no one here to stop me from writing this blog post in between work assignments…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Man, I hope your office is open today. I’d be super pissed if I went through all that and then found the office closed.

  2. Eh, you take the good with the bad.

  3. That had my head spinning. Sounds like a good day. No, a bad day…Um…Sounds like a day. 🙂

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