On The Fourteenth Day of December

I was home all day Friday because I’m not one of the essential personnel needed for the office move, so it was very appropriate that today’s nut was actually the classic breakfast cereal, honey nut Cheerios. I ate them in my pj’s around 10:30am while doing some work from home.


A few hours later, the world shifted when the dj on wdst, who herself went to Sandy Hook elementary, broke the news and broke down on air.

I’m really grateful that I have someone in my life right now who I can hug. He came over for dinner last night and asked a question not yet addressed here. How I did I decide what nut would go with what day? It’s simple: it’s alphabetical, with a few re-arrangements and substitutions as the mood struck.

Hugs to any and all out there who are still keeping up with The Daily Tannenbaum.


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