On The Nineteenth Day of December

Pine nuts. They are good in pesto and… that’s about all I ever thought of them. They are the most expensive nut on the advent calendar, and not all that tasty out-of-hand, so I figured I had to get a little creative. Armed with this recipe for Rosemary Pine Nut Sables, I went to town.

Step one: toast the pine nuts to give them maximum flavor.



to That:


Step two: make the dough and refrigerate in a tube shape two hours, or overnight. Then cut the dough into circular cookies.


Last step! Bake!

Okay, actual last step: serve them to your swim team at the holiday party. Hope they don’t get wierded out that these cookie-shaped things are savory.



One response to this post.

  1. I’m digging the savory cookies these days. I just may try your recipe.

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