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This is a test post

Is this thing still on?

Lucy in Beacon

Lucy in Beacon


On The Nineteenth Day of December

Pine nuts. They are good in pesto and… that’s about all I ever thought of them. They are the most expensive nut on the advent calendar, and not all that tasty out-of-hand, so I figured I had to get a little creative. Armed with this recipe for Rosemary Pine Nut Sables, I went to town.

Step one: toast the pine nuts to give them maximum flavor.



to That:


Step two: make the dough and refrigerate in a tube shape two hours, or overnight. Then cut the dough into circular cookies.


Last step! Bake!

Okay, actual last step: serve them to your swim team at the holiday party. Hope they don’t get wierded out that these cookie-shaped things are savory.


On The Sixteenth Day of December

Ugh. This iPhone is small and the button to post is too close to the title, so I think I just published a blank post.

Getting to the point at hand, the 16th was raisin nut bran day. Raisin-nuts are a wholly unnatural concept that populate a semi-sugary bran cereal which has always been third tier and always surprises me when it’s still for sale. I think it was my favorite in 5th grade, and I always separated out the raisin nuts from the flakes.


I did that again this time. They are the best part!

The Ninth Day of December

And on the ninth day I wrote and wrote and wrote and had 20 pages of paper done by noon. When I was done, I turned 1/3 of a cup of this:


Into this:


With a little bit of salt and a half hour of Hulu on the couch I achieved the perfect study break. Also, I’ll never eat microwave popcorn again.

The Third Day of December

Before yesterday, I had never eaten Brazil Nuts separately from mixed nuts.

Before yesterday, I had never gone to the bathroom in a composting toilet inside a trailer.

Before yesterday, I had never doled out large nuts one-by-one in 15-minute increments to help me get through a 3-hour grad school class.

Before yesterday, I had never met a seed librarian, let alone interviewed one, nor used that person’s facilities.

Before yesterday, I had never had worn these new boots.

Before yesterday, I had never stopped at the park-and-ride in Catskill to order a pizza from Two Boots across from Bard College for pick-up on my way home from Albany.*

Yesterday was a good day.


*OK, I’ve actually done that before, anytime I feel inclined to celebrate a particularly good day of grad school under my belt.

Also, did you know that there is a scientific principle called “The Brazil Nut Effect” which studies why large objects rise to the top when they are within a group of smaller objects?

The Second Day of December

Chestnuts roasting on an enclosed gas stove…


Chestnuts, like lobster, were once so plentiful, they were considered food for the poor. Now, you’re lucky if you can score 10 of these tasty treats. Like coconuts, I can’t believe that anyone figured out that something wonderful lives inside these tough shells.

December 24, 2011

CoW Advent 12/24/11 – Christmas is finally here!
Item: Marzipan pig (& a very studious Lola)
Source: Adams Fairacre Farms (thanks for the memories!)
Country of Origin: Germany
Yum Factor: n/a, I gave it to my brother-in-law to thank him for being host this Christmas, and for good luck. Marzipan pigs are traditional holiday gifts, and I’m glad I got this little one instead of a realistic evil one: