On The Thirteenth Day of December

I wanted to make sure not to miss a day of posting, but I didn’t have it in me to think of the blog yesterday to report on the pecans I ate on Thursday.


However, life marches on. I have nothing profound to add to the discussion except that this silly bit of counting down to Christmas gives me a little joy, and we rebound from tragedy through small acts of joy.

So here are some delicious pecans, the nuts my mother has been waiting for, which I ate while packing up my office, which is moving this week.



Is food more fun when you have to work to eat it?


More time consuming, anyway.

On The Eleventh Day of December

Not much to say about mixed nuts but for the fact that somebody seems to have removed all the Brazil nuts and hazelnuts to bulk up some silly advent calendar project that no one else is all that interested in hearing about anymore.


On the Tenth Day of December

Macadamia nuts are special. So much so, that for many years, they were the only gift my hard-to-shop for father got in his stocking. We’d cry, “Take up golf already, Dad!”


Yesterday was special. It was my last day of my first semester of library school. In my evening class, I had to sit through 20 presentations. I doled out a nut after each one to help pass the time.

The Ninth Day of December

And on the ninth day I wrote and wrote and wrote and had 20 pages of paper done by noon. When I was done, I turned 1/3 of a cup of this:


Into this:


With a little bit of salt and a half hour of Hulu on the couch I achieved the perfect study break. Also, I’ll never eat microwave popcorn again.

The Eighth Day of December

Hazelnuts conjure thoughts of flavored coffee and chocolate spread on crepes. They are like a luxury food for a decadent weekend.

Filberts are nuts that you eat in the car on your way to a lifeguarding shift on a Saturday before you have two final papers due.

They’re the same thing.

The Seventh Day of December

It was cereal, disguised as nuts.

Add a little almond milk and it’s the perfect dinner for a grad student on a Friday night.